a wish list (for me). a gift guide (for you).

since i ran through my go-to gifts to give at favorite things party in my instagram story a few weeks back, i've been keeping extra thoughtful notes about things that i already own and love so much... things that might feel a little bit more special than the regular things we see flying through our sponsored ads or the typical internet favorites.

i'm going back to my old blogging days - before there were graphics and round ups... back when it was "insert photo, center align text"... because my blogging skills arrested development in 2012. 

and so! here we go:
quotes by christie's you can do hard things stickers ($3.20)
i bought these for me + all the girls at church for their birthdays. perfect stocking stuffer or gift tag. mine ended up on my hydroflask!
the be kind co's tee ($60, 30% off through monday!)
i've been in this girl's life since she was 6 years old, which may mean i'm biased, but i'm also perfectly clear headed about the idea that the world needs more kindness. 
youth to the people's super foods cleanser ($36)
everything i've tried from YTTP has been so good to me, but this one especially. it's fail-safe, so gentle, a work horse, and clean of the crappy crap that i'm trying to rid from my cupboards. 
suki skincare exfoliating foaming cleanser (two for $25.99)
possibly the very first skincare product that hooked me to the idea of taking care of my skin. i used to have to hunt hardddd for it... and now, 15 years later, i'm buying it at costco!
listen.... there is nothing glamorous about these.... but they really are the tried and true comfort. those ones that were an impulse buy, but turned out to be one of the luckiest scores of my lounging life. 
molly yeh's rainbow apron ($99)
okay, i don't own this - yet! but it's highhhhh on my wishlist. it's linen, it's colorful, and the pockets are just right. 
too faced cosmetics' melted matte lip ($21)
my holy grail lip. it's a stay all day formula, but doesn't have the gummy, sticky feeling the rest of them do. it's a one and done lip in the morning and it's still going strong when i take my makeup off at the very end of the day. 
sisterhood of the traveling lip - mac's soar liner and runway hit lip ($15 and $18)
there's something about this combo that 1. looks a little bit different on each of my friends but 2. looks absolutely incredible on everyone, too! it's pure magic. 
kiehl's original musk ($42.50)
if i bought this based on the smell right out of the bottle, i might think it too.... musky.... but it's the smell of the kiehl's store near my parent's house - my first kiehl's store visit - and i was sold 100%, immediately. it's the right price point for an experimental new flavor... but i get compliments about it every time i wear it. 
in favor of's toppu tray ($69 25% off with code BLACKFRIDAY)
this was on my wish list forever and ever... and then the sweet kind friends at in favor of sent it to me for my birthday! it's inspiration for future colors in my kitchen!
in favor of's taper candles ($5, 25% off with code BLACKFRIDAY)
these are the official Favorite Things of 2019! buy the whole set and then mix and match through the year to match your decor. timeless + lux at the same time. for less than $5!
grey malin's double sided puzzle ($19)
PUZZLE FAN RIGHT HERE. all year round, but no time more than during the holidays. i hustle hard through all of black friday madness with one goal in sight: a weekend of puzzles and a the holiday/dan in real life/love actually/the family stone marathon.
dansk's kobenstyle sauce pot ($79)
i bought one of these (in white!) last year for christmas and it's been my go-to sauce pot. the style has interest, the lid becomes its own trivet, and it's pretty enough to keep on the stove or deliver to a potluck. 
baggu reusable tote ($12-14, 25% off through monday)
ask any of my engineers.... i have a "bag of bags" within arms reach at all times.... and they make good fun, but it always pulls through for us when we need it! the standard size are great for groceries and the like, but the big ones are SO helpful when lugging bigger loads. 
malin + goetz new york set ($60)
i fell hard for m+g at the betsy hotel in miami beach. i mayyyyy have pumped the entire wall-unit shampoo and conditioner and body wash into my own travel bottles - shamelessly shameful! it feels like one of those lux vacation-y things, but also would be SO FUN to receive as a gift!
areaware's brass key ring ($16)
i've had this for 5 or so years and it always draws comments and compliments. i bought it because it's big enough to slip through my wrist when i'm carrying armfuls of things (so, always), but it's also pretty. form and function, please. 
amazon's 10' iphone charging cord ($9)
let it be known there IS a practical bone in my body... and it comes in the form of being able to charge without doing the desperate stretch toward the nearest wall outlet. 
ivy city dress co's santorini dress ($124 with 20% off)
i snagged the santorini dress AND the sicily dress this morning with their 20% off sale. i've been cheering ivy city on all year, and no more so than their first trip to the silos when we dished about booth set up and market life... and even MORE when joanna gaines stepped out on the stage at silobration with their dress on her bod. such a dream come true for those girls. 
jess kettle's presets ($58 and 25% off with code THANKS2019)
literalllly every single photo in hello maypole's feed has been edited with jess's presets, long before they were available to the public. jess and i have the same vision by way of bright, clean, and color-popping edits. i love villa, linen and prism from set i, but bisque from set ii is SO GOOD. get both, honest answer.
mandi nelson's presets ($55 and 25% off with code BLACKFRIDAY)
she had no idea what kind of color was going to come barreling into her neutral life when she met me, but here we are! mandi is the queen of subtle + calm and i'm.... not. and magically, she makes my bright and colorful life look subtle + calm. her new winter pack just launched and i'm cheering her on.
swell x hello maypole parade earrings ($35 and 10% off)
MY FAVORITE EARRING MAKER + HELLO MAYPOLE DID A THING! using my favorite color inspiration at the moment, marie made special "parade" earrings in the very best shape and colors!
family films with sam video course ($50, $35 with code AUBRY)
i stopped taking photos when i went on trips.. and changed my habits to take video clips in landscape mode instead. i compile as i go... or edit on the plane ride home... and when everyone else airdrops photos and shares albums.... i drop a sweet little vid in everyone's laps to sum it all up. it's been my favorite memory maker ever and i owe it all to sam. 
anthropologie's Hansel from Basel opaque tights ($18 and 30% off)
also known as The Only Tights I'll Ever Wear For The Rest Of My Life.
happy shopping all. i hope your favorite things parties and presents under the tree are wrapped with love and meaning!

aubry bennion
aubry bennion


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